Vivint Security and Alarms

Vivint Alarm Sales

Vivint primarily sells systems either by calls to their inbound call center. Or by their summer door-to-door sales teams, it is not uncommon to have an unsolicited visitor to your door from Vivint. It is best to review the material they provide, and decide after the sales person has left. Taking time to research the products allows for a low pressure alarm decision.

Vivint Costs and Fees

Vivint focuses on 3 separate packages, a Home Security Package, and an Energy Management Package, and a Home Automation package.

  • Home Security Package

    This package includes:

    • 1 Go!Control Control Panel
    • 3 door/window sensors
    • 1 motion detector
    • 1 key fob
    • 1 yard sign

    The costs of this package is $49.99 a month with a $99 activation fee. But be sure you are aware of the terms. The $49.99 fee is dependent on signing a 3.5 year (42 month) monitoring contract.

  • Energy Management + Home Security Package

    Adding to the basic home security package, the Energy Management package aims to reduce your utilities bills and environmental footprint The Energy Management Package includes:

    • All features of the Home Security Package
    • 1 lamp and appliance controller
    • 1 Smart Thermostat
    • 1 dozen lightbulbs

    The Energy Management package costs $57.99 + $149 activation fee. This rate requires signing a 3.5 year contract. This means the Energy Management package is an additional $50 for activation, and $8 more monthly.

  • Home Automation (includes Home Security + Energy Management Package)

    The Vivint Home Automation package aims to put complete control of your homes technologies into one interface. This package includes:

    • All features of the Home Security Package
    • All features of the Energy Management Package
    • 1 video camera
    • 1 automatic door lock

    Monthly home automation packages costs are $68.99 ($19 more than just home security), and requires a $199 activation fee ($100 more than just home security). These rates also require a 3.5 year contract.