Protection One Alarm Systems

Protection One is a two-decade old home security systems company established in 1988 by West Coast utility firm PacifiCorp. Today, 70 percent of it is owned by affiliates of the Quadrangle Group LLC, a private equity group with more than $5 million under management.

Serving its clients is a team composed of 3,000 professionals. The company has 60 offices worldwide and three “state-of-the-art” alarm monitoring facilities.

The company claims to ensure that the alarm monitoring technology is properly integrated in households. It also determines the right products to suit the individual needs of the families it protects.

Protection One Alarm Costs

Protection One’s base package includes a $378.00 installation fee. The monthly alarm cost is $41.95 monthly alarm monitoring fee on a term of 36 months.

Protection One’s Bundled packages

  1. InCharge Wireless Package

    Parts and features:

    • Three wireless door/window sensors
    • Keypad with wireless home security receiver
    • Pet-friendly motion detector
    • Wireless home security key fob
    • Bi-directional wireless home security key fob
    • Wireless panic device
    • Yard sign light
    • Security monitoring from 24-hour Protection One center

    Protection One claims this package has the following benefits:

    • Quick and neat wireless installation
    • Convenient arming and disarming with key fobs
    • Fast emergency response with panic device
  2. InChargePLUS Wireless Package

    The InChargePLUS Wireless Package has all the features of the InCharge Wireless Package with the following upgrades:

    • eSecure web-based security system control
    • Upgraded zone-name programmable keypad
    • Extra motion detector
    • Upgraded bi-directional key fob with LED and confirmation
    • Protection One claims this package has the following added benefits:
    • On-the-go control via web, text, or email
    • Instant zone identity with custom-programmed names
    • Talking key fob confirms arming.

Intrusion and hazard detectors by Protection One

Protection One offers different kinds of intrusion detectors, like, motion detectors, glass break detectors, wireless panic, and door/window contacts.

The kinds of hazard detectors the company offers are smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors, temperature sensors, and water leak detection.

Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems?

Protection One recognizes the increasing number of households that rely on VoIP or a cellular phone system and offers advanced communications solutions that will make it easy for its clients to stay connected with the company’s alarm monitoring centers. Protection One offers 24/7 alarm monitoring and assures speedy emergency response.

Communication options

  1. PrimeCell for cellphone-only households
    • Works independently of the client’s existing phone system using its own communicator
    • No extra wires needed to setup
  2. SecureIP for VoIP Households

    Gives further protection against phone-line cuts and power interruptions because of the digital and wireless backup it provides.

  3. SecureCell for landline households
    • Gives further protection against phone-line cuts and power outages
    • Serves as backup for clients who use VoIP and landline phone services

Protection One Asset Protection Sensor

The Asset Protection Sensor guards your valuable belongings within and around your house and detects burglary by intruders, visitors, housekeepers, and workers.

Perks and features

  • A patented Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Accelerometer spots if an object has been moved.
  • Custom notifications and emergency response that can be configured though the company’s UL Listed alarm monitoring system and eSecure service
  • Has four function modes that the user can choose from:
  • High Sensitivity: Triggers alarm when item is moved for one to three seconds
  • Standard Sensitivity: When item is moved for five to six seconds
  • Tilt: When item is tilted beyond 30 degrees
  • Anti-tamper: When the sensor’s front or rear case is moved or titled
  • Has a built-in anti-tampering technology that hinders the removal or disabling of the sensor
  • The sensors, which are colored white or gray and sized 1.75 inches by 1.75 inches by 0.75 inch, are discreet and can be easily hidden.