Security System Services by Protect America

Protect America one of the largest alarm monitoring firms in the United States, protects households 24/7 using the GE Wireless Home Security System. Protect America, Inc. claims to offer a cheaper alternative service to home security industry pioneers.

Protect America is owned by Rockbridge Growth Equity. Rockbridge is owned by Dan Gilbert, also famous for owning the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Like most alarm companies, Protect America’s specific focus is alarm systems and monitoring, as opposed to physical security products like window bars.

The GE Security System

All of Protect America’s systems use a GE Security System. These systems use the GE Simon XT Control Panel. Prominently featuring:

  • Monitors up to 40 zones
  • 24 Hour rechargeable battery backup in case of power outages
  • Home Automation integration with X10
  • Wireless install

Protect America Home Security System Packages

The Copper Package requires a 36 month contract at $29.99 and includes the following:

  • Talking control panel
  • One wireless motion detector
  • 3 wireless door/window sensors
  • GE Simon XT Control Panel
  • Three window decals
  • One yard sign

Additional packages by Protect America (36 Month Contracts Required)

  • Bronze Package

    The “Bronze Package” is offered with a monthly monitoring cost of $35.99. It includes everything the Copper Package and includes 7 window/door sensors not just three.

  • Silver Package

    The “Silver Package” hash a monthly monitoring cost of $37.99. It includes everything the Bronze Package offers but it includes 10 window/door sensors not just seven.

  • Gold Package

    The “Gold Package” is the third level of protection offered by Protect America. It has a monthly monitoring cost of $39.99.

    The package offers everything the Silver Package offers but it includes 12 window/door sensors not just 10.

  • Platinum Package

    The “Platinum Package” charges a monthly monitoring fee of $42.99 The package offers everything the Gold Package offers but it includes 15 window/door sensors not just 12.

Protect America Equipment

Protect America uses the GE Wireless Home Security System. Other than the components included in the packages, customers can order and add other equipment as they deem necessary:

  • GE Simon XT Control Panel

    • Easy to use
    • English voice feedback
    • Backup battery
    • Interior siren
    • Keypad
    • A striking new design
    • A smaller size
    • An LCD display
    • Control for up to 40 zones
  • GE Simon 3 Wireless

    • One button arming
    • Pager feature
    • Additional user codes
    • 24-hour emergency button
    • Fully supervised
    • Battery backup
    • Status button
    • Door chime
    • Control for up to 24 zones
  • Door/Window Sensor

    Sizes: Standard and micro
    It senses intruders and the siren activates and immediately informs the alarm monitoring station.

  • Motion Detector

    It senses movements within the perimeter when armed.

  • Talking Wireless Keypad

    It is meant to add convenience in controlling the security system through voice feedback and system status monitoring.

  • Keychain Remote Control

    It is portable and allows you to arm and disarm security system wherever you are in the house.

  • Glass Break Detector

    It senses the sound of breaking glass within a 20-feet radius.

  • Low Temperature Sensor

    It warns the monitoring station when the temperature in your house hits less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Flood Sensor

    Alarms the customer of flooding at its early stages to prevent a bigger cost of damage. Can be used in basements or any other parts of the house that are flood-prone.

  • Medical Panic Pendant

    Can be worn as a necklace or waist. When pressed, it calls for immediate medical response.

  • Overhead Garage Door Sensor Kit

    Consists of a modified sensor with a fixed accessory that enables the sensor to run for the client’s overhead door.

  • Additional yard sign, window decal, and solar yard sign light

    These signs warn criminals that the customer’s house has security systems installed.

  • X10 Powerhorn Siren

    A 105-decibel, plug-in siren that can be added anywhere in your house.

  • X10 Appliance Module

    Allows you to remotely control your appliances, like, fans, air conditioners, coffee pots, dehumidifiers, TVs, stereos, et cetera with the command station.

  • X10 Lamp Module

    Allows you to remotely control lamps and lights in your house with the command station.

  • 10 Rocket Socket

    Controls any lamp or light fixture with the command station.