Lifeshield Security Systems

Services and Products

LifeShield is one of few nationwide security companies that both renters and homeowners can use, these systems offer mobile access via the LifeShield website and mobile apps, to check on your home from anywhere in the world.

There are two plans that LifeShield offers to is subscribers. They are as follows:

  • Home Essential Kit – Internet Ready – This kit uses high speed internet as the main communication method, with a landline in case your internet goes down.
  • Home Essential Kit – Cellular Ready – The Cellular Ready LifeShield wireless system is perfect for homes without high-speed internet.

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The Home Essential Kit – Internet Ready

LifeShield’s basic security monitoring starter kit. Subscribers receive the base unit with a 100-decibel siren, the keypad/console which also has a 100-decibel alarm, three wireless door/window sensors, one wireless motion sensor and one siren detector which “listens” for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It also includes a yard sign, window stickers, and a keychain remote for arming and disarming your system with the touch of a button.

The LifeShield Home Essential Kit – Cellular Ready

The cellular ready system comes with all of the components of the Standard LifeShield Internet Ready kit, plus an additional Cellular Gateway unit. The Cellular Gateway uses the same GSM technology used by mobile phones. It can instantly transmit signals to the monitoring center if your alarm is triggered and you need emergency assistance. You do not need to subscribe to a cell phone plan in order to use the Cellular Gateway with your LifeShield home security system, but there is a slightly higher monthly monitoring fee.

Users can add additional sensors, video cameras, keypads, and keychain remotes at any time. LifeShield subscribers can also create multiple access codes for different users and change them at any time. This is convenient, for example, so a homeowner can create a unique code just for a plumber, and delete it when the repairs have been completed.

LifeShield users also get unlimited use of the LifeView website and iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphone apps to arm, disarm, and monitor their wireless security system at any time. All users can view photos, see recorded videos, and even watch live feed inside their homes from the website or phone. LifeShield includes mobile access for free for all users, but offers the option to pay for extra video and photo storage.

LifeShield Technology

LifeShield offers consumers the following technologies to ensure advanced security monitoring.

Sensor and Detection System

LifeShield provides a sensor and detection system to ensure fire protection.

  • Siren Detectors: These sensors will detect the sound of a siren from other smoke detectors. Subscribers can place the siren detector near an existing smoke detector.
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors: These sensors detect the presence of smoke. They provide full protection for the home.
  • Door and Window Sensors: These sensors detect when a door opens and closes. Subscribers can place them on the exterior of doors and windows, the interior doors, basement doors, and kitchen cabinets. These sensors are most ideal for places where there is alcohol, chemicals, firearms, and/or prescription drugs.
  • Glass Break Sensors: These sensors detect the sounds of glass breaking. They are the best defense for doors with windows that open and close. Subscribers can place them on a wall near the door or window with glass. The sensor will not only detect the low sound of breaking glass, but also will detect the higher pitch of glass shattering.
  • Motion Sensors: These sensors are the best defense against potential burglaries. Subscribers can place them in homes that are typically vacant all day or even in vacation homes.
  • Water Detector: This sensor will monitor the emergence of water. Subscribers can use this sensor as a preventative measure against water damage.
  • Temperature Detector: This sensor will monitor the home’s increasing or dropping in temperature.
  • Wireless Sensors: These sensors require batteries and they are available for both the home and the small business.

Home Camera

The home camera captures home activities. Subscribers can program the camera to record and back up data.

Display Console

The display console is the control panel that mounts onto the door inside the home. Subscribers can program the system to provide weather updates, record and save phone messages, and function as an intercom.

Grid Extender

The grid extender increases the coverage of the homeowner’s security monitoring system. Subscribers can plug the grid extender into a standard outlet and connect it to a phone jack.

Keychain Remote

With the keychain remote, subscribers can arm and disarm the security system without having to input the security code manually.

Geographical Coverage

Consumers can sign up for and purchase a LifeShield Security Systems kit in all 50 states. Not every state requires LifeShield to have a license to sell and provide security and monitoring services. In those states that require a license to operate, LifeShield complies with regulatory practices.

Company History

Founded by Louis Stilp, for 50 years LifeShield Security Systems has provided security monitoring services to home and commercial subscribers. It sells to consumers directly. Consumers may review and purchase LifeShield products by phone, online, and through affiliate partners.


Guardian Protection Services monitors the security systems of LifeShield. As a monitoring center, Guardian is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories and has received a five-diamond certification for training and providing professional development instruction for its operators. Guardian has also received commendations for successful inspections, customer service, and program prevention of fake dispatches. LifeShield cooperates with local and state police, medical, and fire agencies to ensure their commitment to quick response.