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How much do Security systems cost?

  • Typical Purchased Systems start at $400-500 for a 1200 sq. ft. home
  • Leased Systems can range from $0-99 starting costs with a monitoring package
  • Monitoring subscriptions range from month to month up to 36 months
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Security System Costs

Leasing versus Buying a Security System

Like many leases, upfront costs are less, but often longer term expenses can be higher with leased products.

  • Pros of Leasing A System

    • Very low upfront costs
    • National installers have a variety of leased products
    • Maintenance packages are often negotiated up front
  • Cons of a Leased System

    • Monitoring Contracts are required
    • Often contracts have early cancellation penalties
    • You don’t own the equipment
    • Monthly fees can be higher than a purchased system
  • Pros of a Purchased System

    • Usually Cheaper Long Term
    • Month to Month monitoring contracts are often available
    • Local Alarm companies often use the first response lines of the national manufacturers
  • Cons of a Purchased System

    • Requires a greater up front cost
    • Installation Costs
  • Why get Alarm Monitoring?

    Alarm based home security systems are an essential aspect of a home security plan. The major assets of having a monitored Home Security System installed are:

    • Criminal Deterrent
    • Audible Alarm that alerts a break in
    • Monitoring by a Security Company
    • Peace of mind
  • Criminal Deterrent

    A house with a visible alarms system, this includes signs and stickers, is LESS likely to be broken into. Criminals will often seek an easier target. A house with clearly marked security signs often keeps a burglar off you property.

  • Audible Alarm

    The sound of an alarms is another form of deterrent. If a criminal has entered your house, and the audible alarm is set off, the burglars first instinct will be to flee. The alarm attracts the looks of neighboors, and passer bys.

  • Alarm Monitoring

    An alarm that immediately alerts your security company provides another level of security. When an intrusion is detected, the security company is notified. This allows the security company to:

    • Send an employee to inspect the house
    • Contact the homeowner
    • Contact the police if an intrusion is confirmed
  • Peace of Mind

    Not as tangible as an alarm or police offer. But peace of mind is the added benefit of knowing you have taken the steps to ensure that a burglarly is less likely, and if it does occur, will be promptly responded to.

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