IP Security Cameras

An IP Camera is a security camera and computer in one this allows:

  • IP Address allows connection to your computer network
  • Captures and compresses images
  • Transfers images across your network

Viewing your camera with your Web Browser

Each camera has a “web server” this allows your camera to be treated as a “website” available only on your network. You can then watch the cameras video on your web browser.

Fixed View and Pan Tilt Zoom

Fixed cameras are fixed in position and offer one perspective. They are also refered to as “Static Security Cameras”. These are less expensive security cameras than Pan Tilt Zoon (PTZ) cameras.

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras (PTZ) allow up to 360 degrees of roation, tilt, and the ability to zoom. These features can be controlled by a mouse or a joystick using the web interface. These are more expensive than fixed cameras, but offer greater features for someone who wants to keep close tabs via their web interface.

Indoor and Outdoor IP Security Cameras

All of these features are available in both indoor and outdoor IP cameras. The major difference is that outdoor security cameras are weather resistant.

Wireless vs. Wired IP Cameras

Wireless IP Cameras have wireless cards enabling IEEE 802.11 communitcation. Wired connections required a connection to you Local Area Network (LAN). Most wireless cameras require an AC power source (plugged in), but recently several models of battery powered IP Cameras have been released. PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows data and power to be transmitted in one cable, as opposed to having a seperate power and data cable.

Where can I store the Security Camera Videos?

Using a Network Video Recorder (NVR) allows IP to record and display live streams at the same time. The NVR communicates with the cameras and manages the recorded files.

internet protocol based device that sits on a network. Because they are IP based, Network Video Recorders can be managed remotely via a LAN or over the Internet giving greater flexibility. The basic function of an NVR is the simultaneous recording and remote access of live video streams from an IP Camera.