Fake Security Cameras

Fake/Dummy cameras can be an inexpensive method to deter crime. These are often used inside for businesses, and as an outdoor deterrent for homes and businesses.

When used in conjunction with real cameras this can allow the illusion of greater coverage.

Important Considerations when considering Fake Security Cameras:

  • If possible dummy cameras should be used in conjuction with a real security system/
  • Make sure the cameras are realistic in appearance. If they have LEDs make sure they have power/batteries.
  • If these are for a business do not disclose that the cameras are fake.

If you decide to go with fake cameras remember these tips:

  • Regularily check them vandalism, or other appearance issues
  • Make sure the batteries are live. A fake camera is of little value if some thieves assume it isn’t working due to no LED
  • Use an fake indoor camera indoors, and a fake outdoor camera outdoors. An indoor camera installed outdoor is a easy giveaway that it is a fake

You can expect to pay anywhere in the range of $10-$90USD for a fake security camera depending on the model you are trying to emulate.

The low cost and ease of install make fake security cameras a wise choice for homes on a tight budget, and homes that wish to improve their home security by adding an additional deterrent.