Security Cameras: What You Need to Know

Be a Show Off

How many criminals want to be videotaped committing a crime? Not many. Make sure your security cameras are visible to potential intruders. The best break-in are the kind that don’t happen, and the best alarm systems is one that doesn’t need to be used. If you have Security cameras SHOW THEM OFF!.

Choosing The Best Security Cameras:

  • A High CCD (charge-couple-device)

    1/3″ CDD is the standard size. It is not recommened going any smaller. Often cheap no-name cameras will have a smalller CCD. These smallers CCDs have major clarity issues in low light situations. If you have an intruder on video, you want to be able to see them.

  • A High Quality Lens

    3.6mm provide a wider view of surveillance area. A 6mm lens is cheaper, but does not provide the same coverage.

  • Weather Resistant Camera Housing (Outdoor Cameras)

    A camera is little more than a brick if can’t stand up to rain, wind, sun and snow. Outdoor survelliance cameras should have Environmental housings to stand up to the weather. Also, consider a Vandal resistant camera if you feel your neighbourhood justifies it.

Covert/Hidden Cameras

Covert cameras are not used as a visual deterrent, but as surveillance. It is generally recommended that these are only used in situations such as babysitter monitoring, so similar situations where you do not wish it to be known that there is a camera. For burglary, it is always strongly recommended that cameras are visible. This actively deters criminals.