If a burglar, or anyone else who may be in your home is looking for valubles. It may mean they have disabled or avoided other forms of home security. In theses cases Safes provide a strong last wall of defence for your most valuable items.

When choosing a safe there are may options:

  • Burglar safes: Strongboxes meant to prevent access
  • Diversion Safes: Insecure method of hiding valuables. Such as a fake can of soup that contains gold. (This method is NOT recommeded, and is a last resort scenario)
  • Water Resistant Safe: Protects items from flooding or water damage
  • Fire Resistant Safe: If your house burnt down, these safes will keep their contents safe.

Wall safes and floors safes are both suitable options. But remeber these things when choosing a safe:

  • USE IT: An open safe is no safe at all
  • Consider a combination safe rather than a key safe
  • Consider using a safe deposit box at the bank as well. Their level of security far exceeds the budgets of all but the richest home owners