Cellular / GSM Alarm Monitoring

New cellular enabled alarm panels and cellular adapted alarm panels (alarm panel with an added cellular module) allow alarms to communicate with your monitoring station in the same way your cell phone works. The signal is sent to a cellular tower and transmitted to the alarm monitoring station.

Companies such as ProtectAmericaLifeshieldADT and Vivint home security offer GSM packages.

GSM is the premium solution for home alarms. Simpler (no wires) and more secure (no wires to cut) than using your landline (POTS), less dependent on power than your broadband network beating out internet and VoIP monitoring. GSM monitoring is own a growth path to become the dominant method of alarm monitoring.

Advantages of Cellular/GSM

  • No landline needed
  • No broadband internet (cable/dsl) needed
  • Major monitoring centers support this
  • Phone line cannot be cut
  • Qualifies for home security discount

Disadvantages of Cellular/GSM

  • Cost (while dropping) can be more expensive than landline monitoring
  • Need quality cellular reception at your house