Broadband (Cable/DSL/Wireless) Monitoring

The quality of broadband and cellular service has resulted in an entirely new market segment that does not have a landline at home.

Broadband Signaling

Broadband signaling means that your alarm panel sends a digital signal directly to your monitoring service. This is transmitted via IP directly without the conversion to a voice signal. This is the difference between broadband/internet signaling and VoIP.

Advantages of Broadband Monitoring:

  • Alarm panels designed specifically for network transmission of data
  • Monitoring station is set up to receive digital transmission of data
  • Some panels have the capability of both wireless and network cable transmissions
  • Longevity. Unlike a phone line, it is unlikely you will be getting rid of your internet connection.
  • Money. Cost savings by eliminating the need for a dedicated phone line.

Disadvantages of Broadband Monitoring:

  • Dependency on power to transmit the signal
  • Dependency on cable connection (can be cut)
  • Dependency on network (if your internet is down signals can be transmitted