Home Heat and Cold Warnings, Temperature Monitoring

Why homeowners should consider home temperature alarms for their home security systems:

  • It is insurance against winter weather damage
  • If it freezes and your furnace breaks, it will alert you to pipes that are about to burst
  • In turn, if the temperature rises and the A/C fails, it can protect your animals
  • They are a must for cabin owners/snowbirds, because frozen, bursting pipes can cause damage to drywall, and they can cause mould and dampness

Temperature sensors range in price from about $52.00 to $1796.00.  For alarms that are the best of the best, here are the features you might expect:

  • Several universal inputs
  • Expansion cards to allow you to increase to even more universal inputs
  • Programmable LED inputs
  • AC power monitoring
  • Microphone to monitor the level of sound
  • Call progress detection
  • Alarm alerts can be sent to several different phone numbers
  • Serial port allows it to print alarm activity on a printer
  • Digital speech technology that sends out your alarm message
  • Can be programmed by phone
  • The program is on a menu, which makes programming easy
  • The memory is non-volatile, which means that the message is not lost if there is a failure in power
  • Rechargeable backup battery

These products are available globally, as are many of the above products.  Some of the popular domestic brands include Sensaphone, Winland, Skylink, Control Products, Inc. and Reliance Controls.

Temperature Monitoring Buyer Beware

Finally, there are a couple of things to watch out for.  For one, choose one that has both a high and low temperature control setting.  Second, some units are mechanical, which is a plus.  They do not require any power and they are more durable than non-mechanical units.