Pet Friendly Motion Sensors

How pet motion detectors reduce false alarms:

  • If you work with your cats and dogs during installation false alarms can be decreased
  • Pet motion detectors use dual-lens technology
  • Keeping pets separated from each other while the system is armed can reduce the incidences of false alarms
  • A good pet immune motion detector can tell the difference between an intruder and a pet in a good home security system

Pet Related features available:

  • Several levels of PIR sensitivity
  • Several levels of microwave sensitivity
  • Tamper protection
  • The more levels of sensitivity available, the better

Pet immune motion detectors range in cost between about $18.00 and $116.00, both hardwired and wireless.  The domestic companies that make the most popular products for security systems are DSC, Honeywell Ademco, Paradox, Visonic, Rokonet, G.E., Aleph and Secure Wireless.

One thing to beware of is the pound/weight rating.  Make sure also to add the animal’s weights together if you own more than one pet, should they stand close to one another.