Buying Indoor Motion Sensors

There are several factors to consider when shopping for indoor motion sensors:

  • There are 2 types of indoor motion sensors, which are ultrasonic and photoelectric
  • Ultrasonic sensors are very sensitive to things like radios and lightning, which is seen as a negative trait in a home security system
  • Photoelectric sensors measure the heat of things passing by them compared to the heat in the background
  • They range in price between $22.00 and $50.00
  • There are hundreds of companies that make popular indoor hardwired and wireless motion sensors for security systems.  They are based in China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Taiwan and the U.S.  Some companies selling from the U.S., for example, are Honeywell, General Electric, Trademark Global, Chamberlain, EML Technologies, Portman Security Systems International and Global Marketing Technologies

One of the most important features of an infrared sensor to reduce the chance of burglary is dual technology (i.e. ultrasonic and photoelectric together).  The buyer should beware of single-technology sensors (for example, ultrasonic only) because of their susceptibility to false alarms.  A sneeze, the ring of a phone or the jingling of keys can set them off.  You would be better off to spend the extra money and invest in a dual technology sensor that will protect your home without bothersome false alarms.