Home Flood and Water Detectors

Flood detectors send flood alerts in a very simple fashion.  The device is mounted close to the floor and includes 2 exposed contacts.  When the device gets immersed in water, the water completes the circuit and alerts are sent out.  Many people see a flood detector as a form of environmental monitoring that is essential especially to a summer cottage home security system.  These types of alarms can prevent flood damage to your home.

In the case of Sump Pit/Pump detectors, the sensor wire often exceeds 4 feet, and is lowered into the pit. When a raised water level touches the sensor, it sounds the alarm.

There are some features that you should look for:

  • A monitored alarm trigger
    • Some more basic models just sound an audio alarm, this may not be suitable for you lifestyle. If you are away you would like to be warned.
  • A valve control unit that shuts off the water source when triggered, this is a more advanced product and generally requires professional installation
  • Individual units for potentially dangerous appliances, such as the washing machine
  • Look for units that will not cause an alarm due to humidity or condensation

Flood Alert Costs and Prices

Flood alert units range between $13.00 and $300.00.  Manufacturers come from around the world, but especially China, Taiwan and the U.S.  Some of the popular U.S. manufacturers are Titan Security Products, Waterbug, Letzgo Products, Reliance Controls, Control Products and Titan Safety Products.

Buyer Beware

Be wary that some models are easier to install than others. Professional assistance is required from more complex models.