Window and Door Alarm Contacts

Door and window contacts enhance home security because:

  • %80 of the time a break-in occurs through a door
  • They are easy to install
  • They are cheap

There are many companies that make window and door contacts for a home security system.  They include Winn Security, Amseco, Linear Security, Secure Wireless, Honeywell Ademco, DSC, GE, ITI, Caddy, Visonic, Rokonet, GE Security, and Protech.  Protech also sells monitoring at $8.95 per month.

Following is a description of door contacts and window contacts;

  • Magnetic switches, of the hardwired variety, have the advantage of being invisible
  • Mechanical plunger recessed types are also invisible
  • Another advantage of the recessed detectors is that you do not have to drill into the window, which can void the warranty on a new window
  • Window contacts range in price between $4.00 to $56.00, cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

As far as “buyer beware” issues are concerned, the recessed variety of door/window contact would be the most preferable.  In particular, it is invisible.  The subtype you should look for is the type that does not require drilling into windows as this can be considered obtrusive damage to your home.