Windows, Entrances, and Doors Checklist

Every applicable window and door safety item should be checked, doors followed by windows are the #1 and #2 methods of burglars to enter a home:

Entrance Doors

  • Are all entrance doors (including basement and garage doors) solidly constructed by metal or solid wood?
  • Is the door frame tight and solidly attached to the structure (not rotting wood or extra space)?
  • Are door hinges not removable from the outside of the home?
  • Are there no windows on the door?
  • Are there no windows within 40 inches of the door?
  • Is the door secured by a deadbolt? (All deadbolts should have a least a 1 inch throw to them)
  • Are all strike plates installed with 3-inch screws?
  • Is there a method to see who is at the door without opening it? (intercom / wide angle eyehole)
  • Can the lock be reached from the mail slot?
  • Is the entrance well lit?
  • Can the front door be viewed from the street / side walk or neighboors house?
  • Are sliding doors secured from being lifted out of track?
  • Is a key lock used on the sliding door?
  • Does the garage car entrance door lock?

Window Security

  • Do all basement, ground floor, garage and accessible upper floor windows have adequate locks in operating condition? (or are sealed without opening mechanisms)
  • Do high risk windows (basement, with concealed access) have security screens or bars?
  • Are areas outside surrounding windows clear from being concealed?
  • Is the outside well lit?
  • Are ladders kept away were intruders cannot access them?
  • Do windows have drapes that provide privacy?