Driveway Alarms: First alert on your property

Why get a driveway alarm?

Driveway alarms are very popular in remote areas, home owners with large properties, and rural businesses.

  • Be aware if a burglar enters your property
  • Greet guests at the door
  • Have a large property? You can be alerted when someone arrives even if you are in the back yard.
  • Know when your kids arrive home
  • Businesses are notified of customers or deliveries

Types of driveway alarms

Rubber Hose Sensors

Often seen at Gas Stations across the country. These alarms are set often when vehicles (some bikes) roll over the hose. These are very easy to install and have the advantage of few false alarms. In areas that encounter heavy snowfall owners need to make sure snow is cleared from the hose to make it work properly.

  • Few false alarms
  • Easy installation (as easy as using a garden hose)
  • Only detects vehicles and large objects that roll over the hose

Wireless Systems

Infrared systems detect any large moving objects. Occasionally smaller objects are detected by these sensors, such as birds.

  • Detects cars, people, large animals
  • Easy to install
  • Inclement weather (rain, snow, fog) can interfere with the wireless signal

Inground Magnetic Probe Drive Alarms

These magnetic probes are buried under the driveway and detect when metal objects pass over.

  • Discretely installed (unlike a rubber hose)
  • Labor intensive installation (needs to be buried)

What is the best driveway alarm?

To choose the best driveway make sure you take the following into account:

  • Make sure there is a pleasant chime. You don’t want welcomed visitors to activate an annoying alarms
  • Integrates with your current alarms system if you have one
  • You have proper power requirements (you can provide AC power, or monitor batteries on 9V powered sensors
  • Wireless range suits your property