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  • Did You Know?

    • There were over 2.1 MILLION burglaries in the USA last year.
    • 61% of burglaries were forced entry, and over 32% were without force (unlawful entries).
    • The average cost per burglary was over $1900 per homeowner/renter (*note this does not include increases in insurance permiums).
    • Home burglaries accounted for over 67% of all burglaries.
    • 2 in 3 Burglars get into a home through a door.
    • 1 in 3 Burglars get into a home through the windows.
  • Home Safety, the Basics

    It doesn’t take a bank vault to protect your home. It is a matter of identifying the threats, and employing established solutions to protect your home and family.

    When burglary is concerned, there are several key security points:

    • Locked doors and windows
    • Perimeter security, locked gates and fences
    • Outdoor lighting
    • Monitored Buglar Alarms as part of a home security system
    • Neighborhood awareness
  • How would a burglar get into your home?

    The first question is, how would you get into your home without keys? Is there an easy access window or door? If it’s easy for you, it is far easier for a criminal that doesn’t care what gets broken.

  • What happens if a burglar gets into your home?

    Don’t assume it won’t happen to you. Perimeter defenses are strongly recommended for any home security system, but any home with windows is susceptible to having a burglar enter the home.

    Monitored home security systems contact your alarm company once a burglar has entered your home. A home security system provides the peace of mind knowing that help will be on it’s way. This is even more important if any family members are at home during the burglary attempt.